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Alexander Arrangement of Elements Forever Periodic Table

Randomized to Organized Lesson

Jumbled Element Data Boxes
for student determination of the most logical arrangement

Student interaction is a vital part of this lesson.
Engineering an arrangement of elements with a hands-on activity has proven to enhance learning and subsequent understanding at the beginning of chemistry - not to mention the creative fun of successfully getting a grip (so to speak) on the periodic table.
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Cut, Sort, Tape Second Guessing Looks Like...

Students in different grades and/or at different intellectual levels should vary in speed of discovery of the helix, but the capabilities of the non-academic oriented (especially boys) may be surprisingly stimulated by the hands-on aspect to what has traditionally been typically abstract.
The teacher may decide to insert this activity following the first of the three PowerPoints, leading up to a similar creative step by duh shank coor twah (phonetics for de Chancourtois).
The 3D Alexander Arrangement Forever periodic table may be introduced as the most recent product derived from the same kind of work the students have performed - logic intact, and with Mendeleev's line and vertical groups of elements intact as well.
Tiered Learning, as well as the general level of a class, will help you select the best jumbled element cards from the four below.
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Jumbled  Data Boxes
20 boxes without atomic numbers

Teachable reversal at Ar & K

Jumbled  Data Boxes
20 boxes with atomic numbers

Speedier sorting plus teachable reversal at Ar & K

Jumbled  Data Boxes
17 boxes without atomic numbers

Avoids reversal at Ar & K

Jumbled  Data Boxes
17 boxes with atomic numbers

Speedier sorting AND avoids reversal at Ar & K