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Amazing new chart for support of either 2D or 3D periodic tables
makes learning & teaching easier, faster, and better!

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A sketch of our design approach:
First, showing all the table doesn't clarify trends,
some parts only bring up questions and doubt,
so we got rid of those that clarify, and saved parts that don't.

whole pt with Xs
The useful parts turn out to be the Main Group elements,
the S- and P-blocks - starting at the second period.

short chart alone
The useful parts turn out to be the Main Group elements,
Atom/Element properties are each different in many ways -
primarily by the amount of protons - the numbers used on the chart.

a few properties
We elected to add names and arrows to others most frequently taught,
names where they are greatest, and arrows towards the lesser.

main group with properties
The last column has none of the properties at the top,
but those next door to the left and on the left edge want to be like them too,
after all they are the NOBLE gases!

main group with properties
We'll build the NOBLEs a castle tower before
new neighbors arrive - the Alkaline Earths -
who could also be NOBLE if they lose an electron and a proton!

whole pt with Xs
Fold next to the Halogens (who want a proton) before cutting sides away,
and wrapping to put the Alkaline Earths next to the NOBLES -
who now have wanna-bees on both sides!

whole pt with Xs
Some of the numbers at the fence would be sequential
if we shifted the Alkaline Metals column up one period,
another lesson enhancement.
...but awkward looking.

whole pt with Xs
A little slant with PhotoShop skew will make a stand-up tube,
without messing with the atomic number sequence -
just as the Periodic Law states.

What we end up with is neatly formatted,
with older Roman numeral column designations added
that indicate the number of valence electrons!

grade school trends chart

Below is what the AP chem students' model looks like -
property choice made by student or teacher,
taught when first flat, then a cylinder with edges connected,
creased to emphasize the Noble Gases, and with them hidden,
as their neighboring element columns are 'unionized'.
(Hmm... I think I'll add He to the rest of the Nobles, what do you think?)

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