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Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table
TrendsTube, our unique graphic innovation is student transformed - after learning the directional basics of the property trends of elements of the periodic table - to show how the standard flat PT can prove the theory, using the AAE patented connection of periods to clarify desirable element relationships - hidden with only two dimensions.
A further hands-on learning experience hilights the importance of the Noble Gases, and the greater value of their disappearance!
Beginner home schooling parents and teachers at this time can help themselves - and their science student/kids - to quickly and easily grasp the backstory of how the periodic table began and evolved, helping to provide understanding of the PT, the key to Chemistry.
A three segment PowerPoint of direct (no excess or tiny text - plus plenty of pictures) shows Element Arrangers who made the periodic table what it is today (and not merely Mendeleev).

You or the kids cut out the mystery data tickets.
Then struggle to organize them this way first, and then that way, to eventually discover that there need be no breaking of the Periodic Law's element line continuity to produce a Periodic Table - by thinking outside the box!
Fun + accomplishment match the revelation coming from the inevitable solution!
If kids haven't learned the importance of Logic before, they will with this mind opening tool.

A photo of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements for Element FusionPeriodic Table Alexander Arrangement of Elements 3D Periodic Table A photo of the Alexander Arrangement of Elements Chemical Element System showing the Gerald Eadie Periodic Table
Primordial nucleons from plasma during the Big Bang as it cooled below two trillion degrees and within a few minutes afterwards - then, starting with just protons and neutrons - only lithium and beryllium nuclei were formed.
Other elements were formed later - some of them billions of years afterwards... and it's still going on at Black Holes!
Students can literally (and physically) grasp the concept with this chart - and a reminder to them from Carl Sagan.
Even involved students more easily grasp the Periodic Table's chemical element property affinities within a fun activity.
But your creativity is needed to adapt distance learning to what will one day be a great team-building process when students come together later this year, when the choice of a standard two-dimensional PT arrangement of student element 'art' on a wall, or of building the 38" tall "fort" above, should be a display employing at-home student creative work.


Chemists carry the periodic table around in their heads.
I need more space than that! WryFace

So I used Gerald Eadie's chock-full-of-data for a periodic table that fits anywhere credit cards can go.
Print, trim, score, score, score, fold, and fold, and fold, and fold...
The AAE format keeps all elements where they are supposed to be - next to the elements that they're supposed to be next to, AND in your pocket! Handy, dandy...and 3D too!


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