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Vis Tellurique

Vis Tellurique*
The original vis Tellurique (or, as the French say, vee tell-ooo-reek) was a long tube affair,16 units wide, with the continuous element line/row of the 7 periods spiraling to the bottom. We present an option of two optional visual aids for the lesson.
Both are designed to fit around a paper towel tube (Bounty) that is 11" long and 5.44" (5-7/16") in circumference.
The visual above only includes all the elements of the top half of the original - necessarily stretched sideways to fit on the tube - and the other is the whole of the top half of the original, not stretched.
If you can't drag this image to a graphics app - like Photoshop - click on it to go to the image alone and try there, or just print it. If it doesn't measure 5.44" (5-7/16") in circumference, email me to send you the graphic.
Chart needs to be printed 5-7/16" wide, trimmed on one side next to the graphic, then wrapped and mounted on a paper towel tube.
During the lesson, it is revealed and passed around when the duh shank-coor-too-wah (de Chancourtois) approach to development of the first PERIODIC periodic table is introduced.
Hold for subsequent display in classroom.

* that's French for Telluric Screw (or Helix) - Tellurium was in the center of the chart.


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