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Vis Tellurique

Vis Tellurique*
The original vis Tellurique (or, as the French say, vee tell-ooo-reek) was a long tube affair,16 units wide, with the continuous line/row of the 7 periods spiraling to the bottom.
We offer an option of two visual aids for the lesson.
Both are designed to fit around a paper towel tube (Bounty) that is 11" long and 5.44" (5-7/16") in circumference.
The visual above only includes the top 20 (or so) elements, and the other is the whole of the top half of the original, necessarily stretched sideways to fit on the tube.
If you can't drag this image to a graphics app - like Photoshop - click on it to go to the image alone and try there, or just print it. If it doesn't measure 5.44" (5-7/16") in circumference, email me to send you the graphic.
Chart needs to be printed 5-7/16" wide, trimmed on one side next to the graphic, then wrapped and mounted on a paper towel tube.
During the lesson, it is revealed and passed around when the duh shank-coor-too-wah (de Chancourtois) approach to development of the first PERIODIC periodic table is introduced.
Hold for subsequent display in classroom.

* that's French for Telluric Screw (or Helix) - Tellurium was in the center of the chart.


last update 4/1/14