Trends Lesson Suggestions

A 3D Aid for Teaching the Trends Easier and Better Than Ever!

Where Halogens and Alkaline Metals can be brought a Noble apart and then fully together!
Now THAT's a memorable trends lesson!

An ordinary periodic table has columns 1 and 12 about as far apart as possible,
and the attempt to convince a class of skeptics (or just smart kids)
that this is an important "proximity" is ludicrous.
The first 43 elements made into a cylinder shows the major operative factor of electron affinity.
For free downloadable templates and perpetual use permission, just tap HERE!

Distributed flat prints of the TrendsTube - with instructions trimmed -
can be used to start the lesson with your regular introduction.

CylEmph 15
When the teaching gets to halogens and alkaline metals relationships,
the students can wrap and join the chart into a cylinder,
making columns #1 & #12 both neighbors of the Noble Gases.

EmphHid 15
The isolation of group VIIIa, or 12 if you prefer.
emphasized by the crease of the the fences,
can be further exaggerated by gates beginning to swing shut!

The gates fully close to hide the Nobles, and worker elements 'Unionize' !

( I can't figure out why most of the charts I can find in books,
catalogs and online have the property name in the place
where it least belongs, and arrows pointing toward the increase.
One of the template options is to point them the other way,
directing the student toward diminishing of the property the ...distance.)

For free downloadable templates and perpetual use permission, just tap HERE!


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