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Argumentation - 2D vs. 3D periodic tables
          Lesson: Testing knowledge and understanding of key general scientific features of the 3D AAE used in introducing the periodic table lesson vs. last years lesson using the previous periodic table.
vertical spacer Argumentation - de Ch. vs. M.
          Lesson: Comparative scientific validity of the element arrangement of de Chhancourtois vs. that of Mendeleev.
vertical spacer Argumentation - Deep Data vs. Pix
          Lesson: Comparative educational benefits of classroom use of periodic tables with element images vs. data filled element databoxes before, during, and after Middle School.
vertical spacer Argumentation - TrendsTube vs. others
          Lesson: Testing understanding of the nature and facts of trends using ordinary teaching aids and the flat chart vs. the TrendsTube® and the 3D AAE.
vertical spacer Better Assembly Visuals of the 3D AAE
          Video, Sketches, or PowerPoint: Develop a better method of 3D AAE assembly and visualize it for greater clarity than currently available.
vertical spacer Can Classification of Matter Chart in 3D?
          Case Study: The 3D AAE form can be achieved just by coloring a standard chart, cutting out and taping all the rows into a 'ribbon', and then finding a way to match the colors, which turned out to be dimensional. Do the properties of matter lend themselves to a similar different form from what is current?
vertical spacer Classroom Motivation Method of 3D AAE
          Research: Develop a method whereby students who are presented with novel teaching aid objects in a lesson react can be recorded and compared. They could be confused, motivated, unhappy, or accepting - or other. Test this with at least three different objects, one being the 3D AAE.
vertical spacer H Crown - ...how correct, how helpful
          Visual: Video, Sketches, or PowerPoint: Observation of the nature of the extended H databox of the 3D AAE, and analysis of the expectations vs. actual student educational impact
vertical spacer How Low Can it Go - 3D AAE in K-5?
          Research: Video or verbal records of on-site observations of students of various class levels being introduced to the 3D AAE - some before and some after being introduced to the flat table.
vertical spacer Interpretations
          Lesson: Students research and bring to class two interpretations of flat periodic tables, and develop their own of the 3D AAE. Score the educational value of the different flat tables (there will probably be a number of repeats) and the student interpretations of the 3D AAE.
vertical spacer Periodic Laws? ...how many and how helpful are they
          Lesson: Students research and bring to class as many statements purporting to be the Periodic Law. In class, these will be collected, reviewed, and judged. The consensus winner shall be compared to available book and classroom periodic table, and also to the 3D AAE.
vertical spacer The 3D AAE - Curriculum Wide Applications
          Lesson: Classroom effectiveness of the 3D AAE in Middle, Jr. High, and High School curricula, with method suggestions
vertical spacer ThreeDeePeeTees - 3D AAE and ten others
          Research: Using the Chemogenesis section of the Meta-Synthesis Periodic Table Database, compare educational qualities of each of the first and last five 3D periodic tables on Meta-Synthesis with the 3D AAE and design a rubric for your conclusions. vertical spacer The Periodic Table Century, 1860-1960
          Lesson: Historical chronology of periodic table discoveries, alterations, and technology advancements that made them possible.

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